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What is electrology?Electrology probe

Electrology is the practice of electrolysis. Electrolysis is the oldest permanent method of hair removal through the use of electricity. It is the only method of hair removal recognized as permanent by both the FDA and the American Medical Association.

How does electrolysis work?

how does electrolysis work
A hair-thin sterilized metal probe is gently inserted into the hair follicle by a licensed electrologist. Then a small electrical charge is applied to the base of the hair follicle. This causes a natural chemical reaction through the formation of sodium hydroxide, heat, or both dependent on the method practiced. When skillfully accomplished, the ability of the hair follicle to regenerate is permanently eliminated.

What are the methods used in electrology?

The three methods used in electrology are- the Galvanic method, the Thermolysis method, and the Blend method.

  • Galvanic Method:
    In 1875 a St. Louis ophthalmologist, Dr. Charles Michel, developed the Galvanic Method of electrology. This method uses a process of sliding a fine filament into a hair follicle followed by a 2-3minute application of galvanic (direct) current. This causes a natural chemical reaction- the formation of caustic lye. This reaction eliminates all hair growth cells, preventing future hair growth.
  • Thermolysis Method:
    In 1924, French physician Henri Bordier developed the Thermolysis Method of electrology by substituting a few seconds of shortwave (alternating) current to heat and coagulate the hair growth cells. This method treats 8-10 hair follicles per minute. Unfortunately, thermolysis is not as effective as the galvanic method since the heat pulse often fails to eliminate all hair growth cells due to follicular distortion or debris.
  • Blend Method:
    In 1948, Arthur Hinkel, a California engineer, developed the Blend Method of electrology. He demonstrated that by “blending” both galvanic and shortwave energies simultaneously in the hair follicle, the natural chemical reaction was greatly accelerated. This method combines the many advantages of galvanic and thermolysis resulting in reduced treatment times (from minutes to mere seconds) and more effective sessions.

Which method is better?

The Blend Method is considered to be the “gold standard” in terms of permanent hair removal. This is due to the 85-90% permanent elimination rate of hairs treated the very first time with the Blend Method. By contrast, the thermolysis method has a 20-25% first time elimination rate.

What method of electrology do you use?

I use the Blend Method exclusively- I want you to achieve permanent results as quickly as possible. The Blend Method has been proven to be the most effective at permanently removing hair.

Electrolysis is permanent but not immediate, why?

To answer this, you need to understand the hair growth cycle. The hair follicle will naturally shed its hair, have resting phases, and then begin to grow new hair. All hairs go through this cycle of hair growth. I can only treat those hairs that are visible at the skins surface. Previous methods of hair removal, including tweezing, waxing or threading are also a factor in the time required to achieve the desired result.

Electrolysis Image of the Hair Growth Cycle

What causes unwanted hair growth?

Hair growth is the result of a variety of things: heredity, hormone levels, drugs, illness, and temporary methods of hair removal (like waxing, threading, and tweezing). During your initial free consultation, we will attempt to pinpoint the cause of your unwanted hair growth and come up with a treatment plan to permanently remove it.

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